Problems in nursing home

This old man was going to be put in a nursing home so his son went down with him to check out the place and help him get admitted.

First, they went on a tour of the nursing home. The boy pushed the old man around in his wheel-chair and they were shown how nice the rooms were, and how well the people there were treated and taken care of.

When they got back to the admitting office, the boy ask the old man what he thought of the nursing home.  The old man said it was real nice and he thought he would enjoy staying there.

"Well, I'm going to leave you out here with this secretary and I am going in to talk to the director for a a few minutes," the boy said to the old man. 

Well in just a few minutes the secretary happen to look up at the old man and he was leaning way over to the left.  She jumped up, went over, grabbed hold of his shoulders, and straighten him up in his wheel-chair.  She went back over to her desk and continued doing some her work.   In a few minutes she looked up and he was leaning way-over to the right, so again she got up, went over and straighten him up.  She was back at her desk, when she looked up again and the old man was leaning way-over forward, so again she went and straighten him up. 

The boy came back in where he was at and he told the boy to get him out of there, "If I ever see this place again it will be too soon.  I wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this."

The boy said, "But I thought a few minutes ago you said you liked it here and you thought you would enjoy staying here."

The old man said, "That's before I found out they wouldn't let you fart around here."


Date:         Fri, 9 Apr 1993 09:08:35 CDT
From:         joel walker
Subject:      opening shot (warning: some racist humor)


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